L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad (L&TMRHL) is in advanced stage of preparation for trial runs and commissioning of the third Metro line, Corridor-II of three elevated Metro lines.

The Chief Electrical Inspector (CEIG) to the government of India, for Hyderabad Metro Rail Project, conducted statutory inspection of the Overhead Electric Traction System (OETS) between JBS- Parade Grounds to MGBS in Corridor-II.

The OETS of this 10 km corridor is fed from 132 kV/33 kV/25 kV Receiving Substation (RSS) of the Hyderabad Metro Rail at MGBS. Various electrical systems for the Metro line have already been commissioned.

At present, L&T Metro Rail is moving ahead to complete all statutory requirements in this Corridor at the earliest to make the system ready for commissioning.

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