India has refused asylum to Edward Snowden, obviously, for known reasons. In the meantime, officials in the Ministry of External Affairs have laughed at the request for asylum saying “he has been misguided.” No, not because he has leaked some sensitive information about USA but because he had approached India with asylum request. Poor fellow is not aware that he can easily go to Bangladesh and from there cross over to India through the porous border and stay in India as long as he wants, as Bangladeshis do. No need of any Passport, Visa, Asylum hurdles etc. He may even get a ration card, a PAN card and even an Aadhar card! He was really misguided!

News spoofs appearing on PM Spoofs are works of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse these with real incidents. Any resemblance of spoofs to actual people, living or dead, or events, past, present or future, is purely coincidental.

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