• Offers users to chose their preference from103 languages globally
  • Users speaking different languages can converse with each other seamlessly

New Delhi, 28 January 2020: ArchChat, world’s first communication platform for architectural collaboration related to any Residential and Commercial construction brings in the first-of-its-kind feature to its platform enabling different users in a single collaboration group to communicate seamlessly. The in-built Google Translation feature will allow an internationally diverse community by letting collaborators chats in their own language while delivering them to another collaborator in their preferred language.

With Archchat’s global userbase already spanning across India, Italy, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia, this new feature will add on to the users’ benefit collaborating across these countries and doesn’t prefer English as their preferred language. The platform offers users to chose their preference out of 103 languages globally listed in the interface including English, Hindi, Bengali, French, Chinese, German, Greek amongst others.

Speaking about introducing this new feature for its users, Principal Designer and Founder of Archchat, Chetan K. Singh stated, “With evolution happening in the architecture industry, today, for any specific project, its stakeholders don’t necessarily need to be from the same state or for that matter, from the same country. More importantly, there are countries wherein English is not a preferred language and we are already expanding our platform across architectural hubs like France, Italy, China and others. So it’s important for us to keep in mind their preferred languages and bring in a solution wherein it resolves the language barrier while collaborating with different stakeholders across these countries.”

The platform built on Amazon Web Services is a B2B2C approach to streamline collaboration between architects and clients to have everyone on the same page and cut down project timeline by 20%. Unlike other messaging platforms, the conversations on Archchat are 100% private amongst people who are communicating on any specific project. Being free to every user, only those people can join the conversations who are invited to communicate on a specific project ArchChat provides communication privacy amongst different collaborators and improves communication trackability by offering dedicated provisions for each space, drawing, design, and product. Keeping its focus more on small and medium projects currently, Archchat also plans to reach out to the larger Governmental projects in the near future keeping in line with the Smart Cities vision. Having the Google interface within the platform, any and every search for products and designs becomes a possibility with 360 degree communication solution for any specific projects. More than just a chat platform, ArchChat is a complete workspace, letting collaborators build personal design libraries from which any design can easily be shared.

About Archchat: Founded in January 2017, ArchChat redefines architecture, interior and construction project communication by enabling simple, private and trackable messaging between all involved in a project. Headquartered in Singapore and design room based out of Gurgaon, the organization has its innovation hub and development centre in Gurgaon, serving over 9,500 Architects globally including architects and designers from India, Italy, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. ArchChat’s Gallery is used to find new products and designs. As soon as a product is selected for a project its seller automatically joins the collaboration process. ArchChat is the only marketplace where product sellers get inbound business leads and become part of the collaborative process. ArchChat also has a flavour of social media. Design professionals publish their projects and designs on ArchChat bringing them to the attention of the global design community and project owners. They can also publish services to work with new collaborators.

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