An organization’s strategic initiatives are implemented through projects and programs that drive change, enhance competitive advantage and fuel growth. Thus, it is imperative that companies take a holistic approach to project management and select the project management method that best suits the needs of a given project.

The first step towards building an agile organization is to create the team that will be guiding the projects which carry out a company’s strategic vision. Practitioners with solid skills in project management, including capabilities in implementing agile practices successfully, should form the core of that team. Although agile has its roots in software and IT, agile adoption is growing and expanding in a wide range of industries.

As more and more organizations incorporate agile approaches into their project and programme management activities, there will be an ever-increasing need for experienced practitioners who can apply the techniques to turn those aspirations into actions. The PMI-ACP credential is purpose built to fulfill the need for qualified professionals.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® credential validates a practitioner’s ability to understand and apply agile principles and practices on projects. It stands apart from other certifications because it requires a combination of agile training, experience working on projects that have used agile approaches, and an examination on agile practices, tools and techniques. It also bridges agile methodologies, including Scrum, Lean and Kanban.

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification, identifies your forte and mastery over agile principles and techniques, and embellishes you to stand out among employers, stakeholders and peers.

About PMI

Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. Founded in 1969, PMI delivers value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research. PMI India office was established with the sole goal of advancing project management profession and inculcating a project management culture within the establishments across government, academia, and industry. PMI has eight chapters across the country.


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