Nirvana Realty’s unique pet-friendly homes are all set to leverage the country’s rising wave of pet ownership • Creates a new milestone in its portfolio by offering exclusive pet-friendly holiday homes

Pet ownership has risen worldwide as the pandemic compelled people to stay indoors for elongated time intervals. According to industry surveys, our country records an anticipated pet population of 28 to 29 million, with dogs making up the bulk of pet ownership and cats, on the other hand, have been witnessing a more recent uptick in adoption. Owing of pets has nevertheless vividly surged amidst the outbreak, mainly because pets did play an instrumental role in sustaining one’s mental wellness and lessen loneliness during the stay-at-home phase. Home quarantine and subsequent lockdowns have persuaded home owners to satisfy their past ambitions of owning a pet and hence are looking to invest in homes having the environment and lifestyle to facilitate that.

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