Saddle Lifestyle ImageHuman behaviour is highly unpredictable, but it can be significantly and effectively influenced in subtle ways. The work environment can shape not only how one works and stays organized, but also their mood and disposition. Employee satisfaction depends on how much control they have over their workspace. The work culture and workspace trends have changed considerably during the past decade and most offices have incorporated an open plan with lesser hierarchy based visual and physical categorization. The introduction of new tools and furniture can also drastically effect the overall coordination, cooperation and hence productivity as they boost the morale and efficiency of employees and instils a feeling of inclusivity. Featherlite, a Bengaluru based premium office furniture brand, has been in a constant pursuit to design and build furniture that strive towards creating a work environment compliant with such millennial standards.

With their newly launched furniture, The Saddle, Featherlite aims to break the mould of what is expected and facilitate office space utilization, productivity and collaboration. As the name suggests, this piece of furniture is based on the equestrian saddle designed for horse riders and is quite similar in looks to the rocking horses meant for toddlers. When employees have the ability to move throughout the office, there is a sense of freedom that comes through, in both attitude and performance. Enhancing the environment in which a person works help them assimilate information in manageable chunks. By varying the environment at intervals of their choosing, employees are building mental connections between the information they’re focusing on and the comprehensive functional regime of this space. Designed for quick sits, the clean lines, lightweight construction and elegant simplicity of the Saddle add comfortable and durable seating to any space. The vibrant camelback top coupled with a curved plywood base forms a footrest and gives it a swaying motion, like a rocking chair. Besides adding visual interest to an office this helps in offering new sitting postures for employees thus, adding a whimsical and playful touch to a monotonous work space. An extended holding tag makes it easy to move around and customize your office space according to your requirement. The unusual yet simplistic design of the Saddle is an intelligent fusion of movement and stability. The materials that constitute this simplistic yet revolutionary products have been carefully chosen to keep the furniture lightweight, comfortable and easy to move. The internal framework is made of plywood, padded with multiple layers of foam and fabric to ensure a soft and durable seating experience.

The soothing colours and ease of usage coupled with the intangible factor of a transcended workspace regime makes Saddle an extremely viable and desirable product for all new-gen office workspaces and firms looking towards creating a conducive environment for users and visitors alike.

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