manufacturing solar modules

manufacturing solar modulesAdani’s ports-to-power conglomerate will build three giga factories for manufacturing solar modules, wind turbines, and hydrogen electrolyzers as part of USD 70 billion investment in clean energy by 2030.

The company is stepping up investments across the green energy value chain as it aims to become the world’s top renewable energy producer by 2030. It has already committed USD 70 billion for climate change and green energy.

These giga factories will extend from polysilicon to solar modules, complete manufacturing of wind turbines, and the manufacturing of hydrogen electrolyzers.

This will generate an additional 45 GW of renewable energy to add to Adani group’s existing 20 GW capacity, as well as three million tonne of hydrogen by 2030.

The new giga factory for power electronics will be in addition to four giga factories announced in 2021 for making integrated solar PV modules that will produce electricity from sunlight, electrolyzers that produce hydrogen from water, fuel cells and batteries to store energy from the grid as well as 20 GW solar energy capacity by 2025 for captive needs.

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