Assam gas cracker project work is being expedited but the people in the know about the project are sceptical about meeting the deadline. As per the revised schedule, the mechanical completion of the Assam gas cracker project was scheduled for November but this may not happen. The Prime Minister wants to dedicate the project before code of conduct for next general election sets in. According to information available to Project Monitor the Assam state government is already in touch with the PMO for fixing inaugural date for the project!

Assam Gas_ProjectsMonitorAssam gas cracker project’s main problem is getting the work done by the cash strapped contractors. According to people close to the project unless disbursement is done immediately the project cannot move forward and project promoters may have to cut a sorry figure in front of the PMO.

For the Prime Minister completion of the Assam gas cracker project is a fulfilment of promise he made to the people of Assam. It may be remembered that Manmohan Singh was the one who laid the foundation stone for the project and he now wants to see the project completed before the completion of the term of UPA II at the centre.

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