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Files in Central Water Commission (CWC)  seem to have started moving. CWC is likely to fast forward the examination of pending hydro power projects. CWC presently has 17 DPRs of hydro projects pending for examination.

Of this, CWC is expected to clear two hydro projects, namely, Siyom and Kalai-II immediately which will be followed by another project Dikhu HEP. While the first two projects are located in Arunachal Pradesh, last one is in Nagaland. CWC is also expected to clear Tato-I and Heo by the end of this year.

With regard to two other projects located in Arunachal Pradesh, namely, 1000 MW Naying and 225 MW Talong Londa HEP, CEA is expected to issue concurrence in the near future.

However, for remaining 11 projects decision may not be forthcoming in the near future as there are several issues which need to be sorted out with the project developers.

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