Dr. Fixit, India’s leading waterproofing expert, has rolled out Pre-Bond, a HDPE self-adhesive membrane that bonds with wet concrete. The product boasts of excellent bonding with concrete and forming an integral seal to prevent water migration. It has been typically designed for underground public constructions such as basements, subways, tunnels, caves, etc.

Pre-Bond is carefully designed and engineered to be highly effective in terms of applications to make the waterproofing of the structure immune to any earth settlement below the slabs.

Dr. Fixit Pre-Bond is a unique HDPE membrane comprising of HDPE layer and pressure sensitive adhesive layer which is covered by weather proof protective layer. The adhesive layer is activated when the concrete is poured on the surface. This makes it bond to the concrete which prevents the ingress of water around the structure.

The Pre-Bond membrane and Pre-Bond Tape are supplied in rolls 2.4 m wide, with a selvedge on one side to provide self-adhered laps for continuity between rolls.

Dr. Sanjay Bahadur, ‎CEO at Pidilite Industries Limited said, “Dr. Fixit believes in constant innovation and providing quality solutions. As market leaders, our vision is to be more customer-centric with the consumer being placed in the highest regard. Pre-Bond is the outcome of continuous interactions with our consumers to know the ‘need’ and create specific solutions. Pre-Bond is a product that has been introduced as part of our ‘surface’ wise solution providing approach.”

He further added, “Dr. Fixit Pre-Bond assures excellent bonding with concrete as well as strength & elongation properties that makes it ideal for applications in commercial and industrial projects.”

The complete range of products is available at all major cities across the country. Additionally, the company has a network of fully trained applicators across the country to cater to the specific needs of the industry.

Source: PIB

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