Geotextile-RoadThe Ministry of Textiles has approved a scheme for promoting the use of geotechnical textiles in building roads and other infrastructure the northeast region.

The scheme has an outlay of Rs. 427 crore for five years starting 2014-15. This would include Rs. 374 crore for geotextiles material application and Rs. 53 crore for training and other soft components.

The use of this modern and globally proven technology will help create roads and other infrastructure in the northeast. It requires less maintenance and has a longer life. For instance, geotextiles technology is considered an ideal solution for the northeast region where the Himalayas are prone to landslides, record high seismic activity and have weak soil conditions.

For now, the scheme envisages the use of geotextiles on a pilot basis for demonstration and proving its efficacy in building roads and other infrastructure, protection of slopes and hills against landslides, erosion control and water reservoirs in the seven northeastern states. The use of geotextiles in water reservoirs helps store rainwater and address water scarcity in the region.

Under the scheme, the Government of India will provide the incremental cost of utilisation of geotextiles up to 15 per cent of the project cost. The scheme will be driven by the Ministry of Textile’s centres of excellence which will provide the necessary assistance.

Once the technology is demonstrated successfully in the northeast region, which has one of the most difficult terrains in India, geotextiles will be used elsewhere in India, thereby leading to the growth of this sector.

Geotechnical textiles are used world over to address challenges projects relating to road construction, hill slope protection and erosion control, and reservoir lining for water retention.

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