Black ink for Sahara Chief Subrata Roy and chappal for CWG thief Suresh Kalmadi. Why this disparity in treatment? Kalmadi is likely to take the matter to court citing partiality in treatment. But Manoj Sharma who was at the throwing end on both occasions says that the chappal which he threw last time never came back, so the ink treatment for Mr. Roy, which is cheaper and non-returnable.

Nothing to feel ashamed of, Mr Roy; chappal and ink are far better than a slap. Ask Pawar, he will agree.

In a related development, Supreme Court has denied bail to Subrata Roy who has been kept in Tihar jail. Roy wanted to play Holi and so he sought bail. But bail was denied as he had already played this year’s Holi when Sharma sprinkled ink on his face.

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