Wacker-BurghausenKerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Company Ltd has proposed to set up a new plant to produce transformers. The state government entity is currently in the process of inviting bids from consultants for consultancy services for the project. The company plans to set up a unit to manufacture transformers in the range 3 MVA to 25 MVA, up to 110kV class, with an annual capacity of 1,500 MVA. The new plant will be housed in a factory with built-up area of 1,260 sqm already in machines. Information available from the company’s website indicates that few machines like a 35-tonne EOT crane, horizontal winding machines and an oil filtration machine are already available with the company.

Kerala Electrical already has a transformer division at Mamala where it manufacturers distribution transformers in the 33kV class. The company is also engaged in producing train lighting alternators and switchgear. It also has a structural engineering division that is engaged in designing and fabrication of hydraulic gates, hoists, steel bridges, etc.

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