The crawler crane market in Japan showed growth in the first half of the current year with demand increasing 24 per cent from the same period last year. This is attributed to the Tokyo Olympics and the Japanese government’s Fundamental Plan for National Resilience.In overseas markets, however, demand in Europe, the Middle East, and India, which suffered from sluggish growth, has shifted into recovery mode in addition to growth in North America and East Asia, a company said in a news release. Further, overall demand has continued to remain strong in Southeast Asia, though demand has varied by country. Growth is still stagnant in China, where recovery had previously been expected.

As a result, aggregate overseas demand increased 12 per cent over the same period last year.
Specifically, in India, Kobelco Cranes said that it had steadily enhanced the sales service system and significantly increased unit sales compared with the previous period, despite the fact that the market was still at a low level of recovery with the change in the administration. In China, conditions remain severe due to the delay in market recovery on top of investment control by a state-owned enterprise that is one of Kobelco Cranes’ major customers.

“Although Kobelco Cranes’ subsidiaries in China and India continued to face challenging conditions, the company will put effort into building a structure capable of meeting recovering demand by continuing with cost reduction through local procurement, enhancing the sales service system, and expanding the product lineup,” Kobelco Cranes said.

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