Mahindra Logistics (MLL), with Bajaj Electricals (BEL), has announced Samriddhi project for integrated logistics services. Both the companies announced the signing of an agreement for innovative logistics optimisation and outsourcing arrangement.

The deal is a complete end-to-end redesign and outsourcing of Bajaj Electricals’ entire logistics by Mahindra Logistics, with the twin objectives of achieving enhanced and industry-best service levels, coupled with a logistics cost saving in excess of 25 percent.

The total contract value will be in excess of Rs 1,000 crore over the next five years and is the outcome of a unique and collaborative solution.

Working together closely, MLL has developed for BEL a fully redesigned and consolidated logistics network, with storage optimisation, transportation management and inventory movement through technology, best practice and automation.

At the heart of the network, there will be two large ultramodern mega-warehouses in Delhi and Mumbai, with the latest technology, automation and skillbuilding, enhanced by environmentally conscious, greener & sustainable warehouse practices.

This network will further operate fully IT-enabled fulfillent centres from which BEL’s dealers, distributors, customers will enjoy market-leading delivery lead times.

As part of the solution, MLL will be deploying a healthy mix of dedicated long-haul fleets and local distribution trucks, enabled by the latest tracking technology and control tower operations.

There will also be a transition towards sustainable logistics using electric delivery trucks from EDel by Mahindra Logistics.

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