Narmada Valley Development Authority has invited bids for piped irrigation system for Khalwa lift micro irrigation project in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The scope of work includes construction of piped irrigation system to supply water through pressurised pipeline system micro irrigation (drip/sprinkler) to deliver at farmers fields up to 2.50 ha chak with a duty of 0.3204 ltr per sec per ha with at least 23 mtr residual head at each 2.50 ha chak with total power requirement of 32.00 MW in culturable command area of 35,000 ha out of gross command area 60,361 ha fully covering the entire compact and contiguous possible arable area, any area increase in CCA with in the GCA shall be permitted with prior written approval of Chief Engineer for micro irrigation system.

The irrigation system includes supply of water for filling of existing tanks coming under command of the project before and after rabi season as required.

The work also includes all activities starting from survey, investigation, designing, drawing, procurement, construction, laying, installing, etc for rising /gravity mains, main lines, branch lines, distribution network, controlling and regulation system with SCADA and full automation.

Work includes required statutory approvals, preparation of land acquisition cases and compliance for final disposal along with preparing cases for obtaining statutory clearances i.e. forest, environmental clearances from respective departments of government of India and government of Madhya Pradesh.

It includes management, operation and maintenance (MOM) for the period of 60 months after completion and further extendable for another 60 months, including 60 months defect liability period running simultaneously for Khalwa lift micro irrigation project.

The estimated value of the project is Rs 719.63 crore with completion period of 42 months.

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