ONGC is in talks with Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India (MMTC) for coordinating and carrying out both mining of coal and production of CBM in a mutually exclusive manner. While ONGC is holding Bokaro CBM Block, MMTC is in charge of Gomia underground coal block. MMTC has reportedly suggested that the production wells can be shifted either to locations where coal mining will not be done or along the boundary line of the coal block.

ONGC is planning to start drilling in the next financial year and has already drawn out detailed development plan. ONGC plans to drill 12 CBM wells in the 3.5 sq km area of the coal block, of these 4 production wells fall in the internal bounds of the coal block area while the balance 8 wells are close to the boundary line. It is in this context that MMTC has come out with a suggestion to ONGC to drill wells around the coal block. Interestingly, the Gomia block was allotted to MMTC in 2006, by the coal ministry and the Bokaro CBM block was awarded to ONGC in 2002.

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