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Supreme Transport Organisation_Aircraft_ProjectsMonitorToday, to own an aircraft you need not be a businessman with multimillion turnover. Now airplanes are available for less than a crore rupees. And importantly, you can have a Private Pilot’s License at Supreme AG Flying Club at Ahmedabad airport. A Private Pilot’s license requires 40 hours of training in about 4-6 weeks time, for a mere Rs.4-5 Lakhs.

Supreme Aviation, Indian owned USA based aviation service provider, recently inked a deal with Ahmedabad Gliding & Flying Club to provide private aircraft services. According to Supreme Aviation, a private aircraft can be bought for a price as low as Rs 70 lakhs. And its maintenance cost will not be more than that of a high end luxury car. Appropriate for their factory visits in Bhavnagar, Surat, Mandvi, Keshod and other places, these airplanes have 4 seats including the pilot, just like cars. So no need to worry about pothole filled roads anymore!

Supreme Aviation is a USA based international aviation service provider, training hundreds of pilots from all six continents in Washington DC and Argentina. Supreme sells, maintains and operates hundreds of airplanes worldwide, with exciting operations coming up in India. Supreme Transport Organisation Pvt Ltd has been renowned for its Road Transportation services across India since last 30 years! Supreme also manages and develops private and state government airports across India including the Jindal Group airports.

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