Sterlite Power commissions 765 kV Khandwa substationSterlite Power, a power transmission player, has commissioned 765 kV Khandwa substation in Madhya Pradesh. The project is part of the Khargone Transmission (KTL) project.

The project will help in stepping down the high voltage 1,320 MW power from Khargone Power Plant to further distribute it downstream to 50 million households across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The company has so far commissioned five out of six elements in the project — 765 kV substation at Khandwa, 765 kV DC Khandwa-Indore transmission line, 400 kV DC Khandwa-Khargone transmission line, 400 kV line in line out (LILO) and Dhule bay extension.

With these elements charged, KTL is already generating 55.55 percent revenue in tariffs.

Sterlite Power had won Rs 1,370 crore Khargone Transmission project in 2015 through tariff-based competitive bidding process and is executing it under the build, own, operate and maintain (BOOM) model.

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