Sterlite Power has announced commissioning of Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Project worth Rs 1,027 crore.Sterlite Power has announced commissioning of Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Project (GPTL) worth Rs 1,027 crore. The project will enhance the power capacity of Gurugram and Palwal areas in the state of Haryana by approximately 2,000 MW.
The project envisaged as part of the inter-state transmission system project, GPTL ,will meet the peak energy requirements of Haryana, which is expected to reach more than 12,000 MW in FY20-21 from 9,000 MW in FY14-15.

The project will evacuate approximately 2,000 MW to Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam (HVPNL) ensuring access to reliable power for more than three million households in the state. With more than 10,000 high capacity diesel generation (DG) sets installed in Gurugram, the project will play a pivotal role in minimising their usage and subsequent reduction in pollution levels brought on by combustion of diesel.

The project consists of four 400 kV double circuit transmission lines with total length of 143 km, three gas insulated substations (GIS) at Prithla, Kadarpur and Sohna road, two bay extensions at Dhanonda and a LILO connecting the 400 kVDC Gurgaon-Manesar transmission line. The company had secured the project through tariff-based competitive bidding process and executed it under the build, own, operate and maintain (BOOM) model.

The project implemented one-of-its-kind innovations with India’s first vertical GIS substations being built at Prithla, Kadarpur and Sohna. The 400/220 kV GIS substations are multi-storey substations with a rooftop 220 kV open switchyard.

A conventional GIS substation of similar capacity generally requires 12 acres of land, but the solution is built on 3.8 acre resulting in 75 percent reduction in land size. Apart from the vertical substations, multi-circuit monopole towers have been built to optimise the space challenges related to the project

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