—T.S. TS-Ashwin-PrismAshwin, Director, Prism Corporation Pvt Ltd

With so many products available to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption in automobiles, what is the uniqueness of Supertech?

Competitors work on the fuel flow, therefore their effect depends on the quantity of fuel that reaches the combustion chamber. At high speed their effect decreases and often nulls its efficacy since the magnets do not have the time to ionize the molecules. SUPERTECH is the only device in the world that works directly on the fuel in the fuel tank. It is inserted inside the fuel tank and attached to the base of the fuel pump. SUPERTECH is not a fuel additive where it mixes with the fuel and may affect the performance of the engine over long usage periods. It needs only a one time installation and absolutely no maintenance for its lifetime.

No need for any electrical, mechanic or hydraulic connections or alterations in the vehicle and it does not release any substance into the fuel or the tank, and does not determine any changes to the facilities or the engine. SUPERTECH has many user testimonials from across the world and all this is listed on various country websites. So it’s proven to work. This is how SUPERTECH is unique.

Tell us the basic technical principle on which Supertech works? Has the technology been patented by the manufacturer Supertech East West?

Theoretically, if the combustion in an engine was complete, that is with all the oxygen atoms that are combined with those of hydrogen and carbon of fuel, the exhaust gases are composed of carbon dioxide, water (in the form of steam) and nitrogen.

Inevitably, however, the emissions from combustion engines also contain CO (carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas), NOx (oxides of nitrogen), UHC (unburned hydrocarbons), PM (particulate matter responsible for smoke and fire).

Van Der Walls, the Dutch physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1910, discovered that one of the reasons for this incomplete combustion was the strength of intermolecular attraction. They are weak forces of attraction due to disruption of the electron cloud (induced dipoles). As the hydrocarbon molecules are aggregated by this force, they prevent an optimal interaction with oxygen, creating unburned fuel.

SUPERTECH is inserted inside of the fuel tank and attached at the fuel pump through a steel cable. In contact with the fuel, thanks to the vibrations of the vehicle and the aspiration of the fuel pump, it emits infrared electromagnetic radiation that cause a weakening of intermolecular bonds (van der Waals forces) resulting in increase of the surface exposed to the reaction. This creates more vaporisation due to more interaction of the fuel with the oxygen.

As more fuel is burned now, it results in better fuel efficiency of the vehicle. As more fuel is burned, it also results in lesser emissions from the engine.

We understand that Supertech is being used in 20 countries. How has been the response?

The response has been good with many users giving positive test reports of savings in fuel and lesser emission. These user reports can be viewed on www.supertechfuelsaver.com

Does Supertech need approval from regulatory authorities for installation in vehicles?

As there is no need for any electrical, mechanic or hydraulic connections or alterations in the vehicle and it does not release any substance into the fuel or the tank, and does not determine any changes to the facilities or the engine, there is currently no need for approval from any regulatory authority for installation in vehicles.

Tell us about the cost of Supertech and how soon is this recovered over the lifecycle of the product.

SUPERTECH comes in five models to suit the fuel tank capacity. The smallest one is for up to 40-litre tank and costs Rs.5,000. The largest one is for up to 750-litre capacity and costs Rs.22,500. If you consider a truck, you need to fit in a SUPERTECH MODEL D unit (up to 350-litre fuel tank), costing Rs.16,000. Assuming an average monthly spend of Rs.40000 (on fuel), then the cost of SUPERTECH can be recovered in about five months taking an 8-per-cent fuel efficiency after the installation.

Is Prism the sole distributor for Supertech in India? When was Supertech launched in India and how has been the response?

Yes, Prism Corporation is the sole exclusive licensee for SUPERTECH in India. SUPERTECH has just been launched in India in October 2015 and the company is now taking trials with many users to show the effectiveness of SUPERTECH to Indian users. It is also looking to appoint direct sales agents to market SUPERTECH to commercial and heavy vehicle users in various industry segments.

In a country like India where initial cost often take precedence over intangible aspects like lifecycle cost, how has been your marketing strategy for Supertech?

We are mainly targeting commercial and heavy vehicle users and not passenger vehicle owners. As the return-on-investment happens within six months, we feel the users will be motivated to install SUPERTECH in their vehicles. We therefore wish to show this with many actual user test reports.

Are vehicle owners, especially the smaller players (and not fleet operators), responsive to the savings accruing through Supertech?

We have just launched SUPERTECH here and have started approaching many users to test it out in their vehicles and see the results for themselves. In the current tough market conditions, any user will want to cut down his operating cost and if we are able to prove that SUPERTECH gives that benefit, we are sure any user–small or large–will install this device.

Are products similar to Supertech available in the global market?

There are other products that promise fuel saving, but SUPERTECH is the only one that works inside the tank directly and where there are many user test reports from many countries to show that the product actually works.

With India appearing committed to issues like energy conservation and energy efficiency, both through awareness creation and legislation, how do you see the road ahead for Supertech?

If we are able to show to users here that SUPERTECH can give them better fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, we are sure that the product will be accepted well and lead to widespread adoption in the course of time. Awareness and legislation will definitely help in giving such ‘clean and green’ solutions a push.

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