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SABIC in collaboration with Cima NanoTech has developed a transparent conductive polycarbonate film material that has the potential to revolutionise the materials used in consumer electronics, household goods, automotive, architecture and healthcare.

Sabic_Transparent Conductive Materials_ProjectsMonitor
Transparent Conductive Materials

The new material, designed to provide next generation functionality, could translate into faster response touch screens for consumer electronics, transparent “no-line” anti-fogging capabilities for automotive windows, better EMI shielding effectiveness for electronics, and transparent WiFi/Bluetooth antennas for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and all-in-one computers.

SABIC and Cima NanoTech have signed an agreement in the latter half of 2013 for developing the new material, which is currently available for customer trials. The collaboration, leveraging both Cima NanoTech’s proprietary SANTE nano particle technology with SABIC’s world-renowned LEXAN film, a polycarbonate material, has resulted in the development of new series of transparent conductive materials that are lightweight with excellent transparency, outstanding conductivity and high flexibility.

“Transparent conductive polycarbonate is a breakthrough material that customers in consumer electronics and other important industries have been seeking,” Matt Gray, Director – Marketing, Consumer Electronics for SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business, said.

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