[metaslider id=8214]RMD Kwikform’s commitment to providing practical and effective onsite support to customers, through the provision of onsite assistance technicians, has made it the first choice for many contractors requiring formwork and shoring solutions throughout India.

It starts with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a project to produce technical drawings to site construction teams. These innovative formwork and shoring designs then translate into safe and efficient solutions that save the customer time and money.

Throughout the project, qualified engineers will be on hand to ensure safe equipment erection through inspections and for pre pour checks to give customers peace of mind throughout the construction. This approach underpins RMD Kwikform’s commitment to deliver added value to its customers.

This emphasis on practical advice by the site assistance technicians will provide construction teams with the guidance they need to safely erect and dismantle RMD Kwikform products. The construction of a new cable-stayed bridge in Kota in Rajasthan clearly demonstrates this.

A joint venture between Gammon India and South Korean specialist contractors, Hyundai Engineering, the project utilises a range of RMD Kwikform equipment to help meet the five-year construction deadline.

The Kota bridge will cross Chambal river to improve transport infrastructure in Rajasthan. Engineers from RMD Kwikform have designed a solution using its Megashor and Rapidshor shoring and special crank soldiers to safely support the extremely heavy load of the 32-metre wide bridge.

RMD Kwikform has been involved in the project for 18 months, providing design support and site assistance alongside the supply of equipment. With the bridge exposed to high-speed winds during monsoon season, the RMD Kwikform engineers had to factor additional loads into the overall design to deliver a safe solution.

Commenting on the project, Arul Raja, Vice President, RMD Kwikform, said: “This was a challenging project that required the use of over 1,000 tonnes of standard and special equipment. We had to source a large volume of materials from depots located all over the RMD Kwikform global branch network. A great deal of preparation went into the delivery of the materials, so everything arrived without any delay.”

He continued, “Our equipment will be used on all three-approach spans to the bridge, each of which is approximately 60 metres long. To complete construction safely and with a high quality finish, we configured the Megashor and Rapidshor into a birdcage-type system, using a combination of Superslim Soldiers and GTX timber beams as decking.”

Further, he added, “Using the equipment this way allowed us to create a secure working environment for the construction team, ensuring the approach spans would be able to withstand the weight of the bridge, as well as the additional loads posed by the wind in the exposed construction environment.”

The special crank soldiers allowed the engineers to make adjustments to accurately create the exact profile of the approach spans. Once the profile of the approach spans is formed, the GTX timber beams were fixed into place to form the shuttering to shape the concrete when poured.

Discussing the use of RMD Kwikform equipment on the Kota bridge, W.Y. Park, Project Engineer and Planner from Hyundai Engineering India, said: “The input of the RMD Kwikform engineers at the design stage was especially valuable given the nature of the project and the challenges that would be faced.”

He added, “The planning that went into the logistical aspects of the project was important, ensuring that the equipment arrived on time and allowing us to work to the tight construction deadline. This allowed us to complete essential work before the heavy winds that arrive in monsoon season.”

RMD Kwikform also supplied two senior and highly experienced onsite technicians. This ensured that the construction teams felt confident and safe using the equipment, and was another factor that has allowed us to work to budget and to schedule.
The benefits of RMD Kwikform’s site assistance technician services cannot be underestimated. They save the customer money, time and ultimately protect the safety of workers onsite.

Providing customers with on site assistance is just one of a number of value added services offered by RMD Kwikform which also include: incorporating new technology, equipment availability, engineering design, product overviews and demonstrations; all of which combine to provide a total added value solution to benefit customers.

For more information on products and services available from RMD Kwikform, visit www.rmdkwikform.com or email its specialist team in India at rmd.india@rmdkwikform.com

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