Ambrane, one of the leading brands in Mobile Accessories, launches a range of Smart Home devices ‘Smart Plugs ASP10 & ASP-16’. Upgrading your Home to aAmbrane, one of the leading brands in Mobile Accessories, launches a range of Smart Home devices ‘Smart Plugs ASP10 & ASP-16’. Upgrading your Home to a Smart Home, the new energy saving smart plugs, allows you to operate devices remotely, creating personalized experience from any part of the world. The device supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Easy to operate and install, the Smart Plugs are designed compact and sleek with seamless looks that blends to any room décor. The smart plug ASP-10 is suitable for working with small to medium-size electrical appliances with a power of 10A while ASP-16 is suitable for medium to large size electrical appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, etc. with a rated power of 16A.

Both the Smart plugs use the existing Home Wi-Fi network, to provide wireless control to lamps, heaters and more, with no hub required. The Smart Plugs are designed with a Type-D Male, 3-Pin plug that is suitable for Indian sockets. The plug allows uniform and multiple controls, through Ambrane Smart Life App. Control the devices connected to the app from any part of the world at your convenience. Schedule & Operate your gadgets anytime, anywhere, saving your precious products from getting damaged, or blasted by overcharging. The app with its multiple device control feature, gives control to more than one user too.

With ASP-10 & ASP-16, monitor energy consumption right from your phone or tablet, these Smart Plugs provide real-time reports on how much energy your devices are consuming. The devices help to save energy, with its automatic schedule control, and also ensure safety of the devices from power surge and over charging issues.

Ensure all in one, smooth and effortless operation with Voice assistance control. Easy to use, and get started, the products are available with leading retail and ecommerce stores in India.

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