TitanCommercial project Titan Bangalore, a premium collaborative workspace by M Moser Associates with Featherlite for furniture solutions

Project Name – Titan
Location – Bengaluru
Typology – Commercial / Office
Completion – October 2018
Architecture – M Moser Associates
Furniture – Featherlite

With over two thousand stores spanning across thirty countries, Titan is a force to reckon within the realm of consumer goods companies. Titan is renowned for its unique business strategies and a long-standing contribution towards improving and innovating inclusively for both employees and the wider community. Its human-centric approach permeates all aspects of the business – including the design of its new headquarters in Bangalore by M Moser Associates. Thus, the design intent was to develop a dedicated place to support the expansion of its product ranges and enhance growth.

Titan’s corporate values of Total Customer Orientation, Employee Appreciation, Performance Culture & Teamwork, Creativity & Innovation, Passion for Excellence and Corporate Citizenship, played a significant role in determining the overall design language for the new campus. Titan constantly strives towards providing quality work environments for their employees for increased production and interference-free inter-office interaction. To quote, the Project lead from M Moser associates Reema Bhandari, says that “The new workplace not only creates elevating experiences and nurtures culture, but fosters warmth, energy and sense of belonging. Blurring the lines between the hospitality and the work environment, the new space encourages innovation, a flat hierarchy and flexible set up for work”.

Apart from the unorthodox approach to the architectural design of the space for augmented productivity, the office furniture has also been picked with keen attention to comply with the desired experience. The exemplar of the furniture chosen is the Collaborate Workstation by Featherlite. With a vision of collaboration among colleagues to nurture creativity and progress, every team requires a versatile space that is appealing and conducive to developing their work. Designed for users that need a balance between privacy and collaboration, the L-shaped arrangement of this “Collaborate by Featherlite” provides users with individual spaces that are ideal for working in groups. Teams have instant access to the richest resource available in the office. Workstations are customizable to fit in with the requirements, atmosphere, and ethos of each user’s workspace. The multi-faceted tubes give it a sharp, clean and angular look. It is designed to look beautiful and work perfectly, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging. The vibrant color variations also provide the teams with a sense of belonging and grants a peppy and exciting aesthetic. “Collaborate” takes engineering right to the edge – German precision tools are used to specially roll-form the tubes, and high pressure, die-cast aluminum is used to form the joints. The result is a beautiful, minimalist product with unparalleled levels of strength and stability. “Collaborate” blends elegant design with functionality.

Collaborate systems are designed to reduce visual clutter. The design features absolutely no visible hardware and the light, elegant lines of the structural components provide the perfect frame for shaping an open and inviting workplace. Collaborate systems are modular and easily flat packable. The product can be shipped anywhere across the globe and assembled with ease. With separate raceways for electrical and data cables. Technology management couldn’t be simpler and more efficient. Flip-up data and electrical ports are available in Aluminium and ABS in a range of sizes depending on the number of switches required. The design is brushless and gasket free with openings for wires on three sides to ensure the least clutter and neatest aesthetic. The Aluminium option comes with a soft close mechanism.

In conclusion, the project showcases an experiential approach in line with the design which makes the final design sustainable and enriches the collaborative values of the company.

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