DEP’s innovative solution

DEP’s innovative solution MeshWorks 2020 will make product development in the healthcare industry more efficient and productive

New Delhi. May 14, 2020: DEP MeshWorks 2020, a CAE driven engineering platform, for rapid concept CAE model generation, FE meshing, FE/CAD morphing and post processing is set to innovate in the bio-medical sector with some new age technologies. The enhanced technologies of Meshworks 2020 enables the transformation of the product development process across industry verticals along with biomedical. With this recent launch of MeshWorks product development in the healthcare industry will become more efficient and productive.

Speaking about the aim of Meshworks 2020, Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, Detroit Engineered Products, said, “The aim of introducing DEP Meshworks 2020 is to redefine product development and benefit organizations with new age technologies and ultimately lead to reduced time for product development, enhanced productivity and cost savings.”

Some of the key features of MeshWorks 2020 in the biomedical sector includes:

  • Virtual Simulation and Validation for Implants: It has the capability of lessening the requirement of producing expensive prototypes.
  • Enhanced Computational Power: This has allowed the complex simulations linked with implants to use finite element analysis process.
  • Stent Rolling Tool: The tool has helped in the creation of 3D Hex mesh model of stent and parameterizing geometry features and metal artery ratio.
  • Non-Standard Hip Implants: The morphing tools of Meshworks 2020 have helped with the faster execution of non-standard hip implant geometries.
  • Human Body Models: The Morphing technique of Meshworks 2020 is great to be applied on human body models as it helps building hex mesh models for vertebrae at a much faster pace. This helps in parameterizing the geometry of vertebrae for spinal bio mechanical analysis and sensitive studies.

While Meshworks 2020 is being extensively used in the biomedical industry across various implants such as spine, hip, dental etc., it is also being used across other industries globally, helping them reduce the development time. Some of its other key characteristics include Fast Modelling, Concept Modelling, Process Automation and Optimization.

About Detroit Engineered Products

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is an Engineering Solutions and Product Development company. Since its inception in 1998 in Troy, Michigan, USA. DEP is now a global company with presence in USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Korea, Japan and India.

At the soul of DEP is a passion to transform the product development process associated with vehicle and powertrain systems. Knowledge together with partnerships across various global automotive OEMs has led to MeshWorks, DEP’s proprietary CAE platform, which rapidly reduces the development time of products across industries. Products like IC Sensor and processes like 3G+ Optimization, MDO etc., coupled with proactive development & enhancements into electric & alternative energy fields assisted DEP’s robustness in the electric vehicle arena leading E-Powertrain technology.

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