Diesel delivery at the customer’s doorstep GoFuel launched its operations in Hyderabad
Diesel delivery at the customer’s doorstep GoFuel launched its operations in HyderabadHyderabad, June 2022: GoFuel a fuel entrepreneur launched its operations in Hyderabad and secunderabad for diesel delivery at the doorstep. GoFuel India is a start-up venture, a Fuel-Entrepreneur is now supplying High Speed Diesel (HSD) at the customer’s doorstep. Today,  officially launched  operations in association with  franchise partner- Sushmita enterprises by Hariprasad Singupalli (CGM Retail South Central Zone, HPCL); YP Singh (Regional Manager – South Central Zone,HPCL) along with  – Aditya Meesala (Co-Founder and CSO- GoFuel) on Friday at Hydeabad.
Speaking on the occasion aditya meesala said that, With our innovative, tech-based solution and  enterprising efforts, GoFuel is have acquired supply licenses from all three major OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies)- IOCL, BPCL & HPCL, making us the first non-Government backed Oil Distribution Company in the country.  We have our own mobile app (Android & IOS) and technology solutions, using the latest available systems for better security of fuel during transport & supply. For instance, Go-Lock mechanism with IoT connectivity ensures OTP-based supply upon customer order, thereby avoiding any pilferage and adulteration.Our brightly colored Smart Trucks, which are IoT enabled Bowser tankers, are unmissable and bring a freshness to the roads, marking its unique character in our entire supply chain!
Further Aditya explained media that, In the 3rd quarter July-Sep of 2022, GoFuel app will be launching our operations and bowsers in Mumbai, Guwahati and Salem. Our region-wise, targeted scale- up plan, in the next 18 months will enable us to become a nation-wide distribution network.  Plans to deploy 1000 diesel delivery vehicles across India by 2024. further he explained. Our pilot bowser was rolled out in Feb 2021 at Chennai,wherein it has been a remarkable success with over 30+ customers and a topline of over INR 20 Cr within the first 12 months. Huge demand is expected from Bulk diesel consumers like Industries, Large Apartment complexes, Hospitals, Malls, Banks & Warehouses. We also offer diesel delivery from smaller orders through IOT enabled smart Jerry Cans (20 ltrs) which have OTP based and biometric locks to avoid pilferage and adulteration. Our next step in the mid-term, is to multiply our fleet and enable better connection with the remote & rural sectors in our country, where diesel is always in demand for agriculture, power generation and transport.
This opportunity provided by the Government of India is ideal to ensure that we build a network this deep. We are hopeful that, this network will not just cater to diesel demand, but also open up for petrol supply as well, including catering to trucks and passenger vehicles, Our venture will play a major role in saving a great amount of time, effort and of course money for our customers, since the efficiency which we bring to the supply system is immense. Also, the amount of fuel saved due to lesser dead-mileage, adulteration& pilferage is considerable In  July  2020,  an  Expression  of  Interest  was  floated  by  Oil  Marketing Companies  (OMCs)  for  Fuel  Entrepreneurs  to  Deliver  High  Speed  Diesel  (HSD)  at  Doorstep.   This enabled the forming of an efficient Diesel supply model on customer demand through a mobile app or through the web.
We have also established our presence in the Electric Vehicle ecosystem, wherein we provide Electric chargers (AC & DC), Battery Swapping, Solar Panels and EV 2 wheeler subscription to cater to rising demand of EV’s and growing acceptance of sustainable energy sources. We also have a MOU signed with a major Oil Marketing Company as their PAN India electrification partner, which gives us the leverage to installour EV offerings at their retail outlets across the country. In the near future, we aim to diversify to become one of our country’s and possibly the continent’s largest fuel distribution network. We are keen to be part of the Energy revolution and are looking forward to potential Partners from all corners of India, who can be a part of this exciting journey – a journey which has just begun.
The need for this model of ‘mobile fuel pump’ is highly advocated due to the following factors:
•    Increasing  demand  of  fuel  especially  for  static  consumers  (Generators,  Industries,  Agri-
based businesses)
•    Limited scale-up of Petrol Retail Outlets – not commensurate with the demand
•    Less safe practices during transit & storage of fuel currently
•    Dead mileage, adulteration&pilferage caused due to current gaps in supply chain
•    Increasing Contactless transactions & movement to digital-based purchase models

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