Sanjay Bahadur
CEO – Construction Chemical Pidilite

Dr. Fixit, the waterproofing expert, from Pidilite Industries Ltd, has unveiled its unique product, Dr. Fixit Heatshield. The product boasts of being able to secure your home in the harsh summers. Dr. Fixit Heatshield was invented in Singapore R&D centre of Pidilite, a company release said.

“With the rise in temperature during summers, there is a need for a product which helps in reducing internal temperature. A heat-reducing terrace coating that is sure to bring down the temperature by 4-6 degrees C and make your interiors cooler. Dr. Fixit Heatshield has exceptional qualities of saving energy, heat insulation, solar reflectance, UV, IR and Microbial resistance along with being non toxic in nature. It is an ideal product suited for all residential and corporate projects that face extreme climates,” the release stated.

Dr Fixit Heatshield acts as a heat insulating and waterproof coating on building rooftops and exterior walls because it helps in reducing power consumption substantially by reducing the load on air-conditioners & keeping the interiors cool with an additional function of waterproofing. It has the ability to slow down heat transfer remarkably and keep interiors of externally coated surface of a building cooler by transmitting most of the solar heat back into the atmosphere.

Dr. Fixit from Pidilite industries is an expert in waterproofing with sustainable solutions for to enhance the life of the structure.

Source: Pidilite Industries Ltd

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