Pod view Image (3)India’s leading workspace furniture manufacturer Featherlite has designed an innovative product that promises to provide a sense of comfort and efficiency amidst of chaos and distractions at the workplace. Being the first of its kind, the product is aptly christened ‘Genesis’, providing employees with the comfort of home and attentiveness of the workplace. Intimate yet open, this space respects individuality while strengthening teamwork through convergence of privacy, focus and collaboration. The Genesis design approach is one of duality, an exhibit of harmony between key standards – body and space, straightforward and inconspicuous which are relentless yet delicate, intimate yet open.

Genesis is the response to the indispensable need for acoustic solace at busy workplaces. The high-quality acoustic materials make for great soundproofing between the inside and outside spaces. The broad surface area gives the ideal circulation for acoustic materials, leading to a calm and serene personalised bubble of peace. Further, the entire design structure has been aligned to counter the particular frequencies of the human voice, making it a perfect setting for telecons, meetings and brainstorming sessions by shielding the users from the hustle-bustle of the office. Made with the new age design sensibility with the basic concept of immaculate congruity, the enclosing walls of Genesis consist of a multi-layer acoustic panel which consists of natural material – perforated wood and polyester aids in the reduction of white noise. Hence, the acoustic panes are a design element that looks great, feels good and mutes the sound.

Every GENESIS unit comes completely fitted with millennial workspace requirements for optimal productivity. Electrical attachments, USB & LAN associations and an LED light are standard over Genesis’s product range. Since these units do not require any additional ventilation systems, they can use the surrounding environment’s air conditioning owing to their open and flexible design.

Pod view Image (1)While the demand for creativity and innovation at every step is impendent for survival and growth of a company, strict timelines, complexity and disruption are some major challenges faced by companies of all magnitudes. This growing demand for inventiveness and innovation requires a culture of teamwork along with a private box for every individual where they can think out of the box. For such a peaceful environment ‘Genesis’ is the best companion for any professional or an organisation alike.

Link to the website: https://www.featherlitefurniture.com

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