Customized plywood can be used in homes and offices.

New Delhi, 05 October 2018: GREENPANEL (part of Greenply Industries) – India’s largest manufacturer of wood panels and the pioneers in medium-density fibreboard (MDF) launched a new range of plywood. GREENPANEL is committed to building a portfolio of the most advanced products to cater to the rapidly evolving needs of India’s interiors industry. From leading architects, interior designers and dealers to your wood contractors, GREENPANEL products are a trusted choice for everyone.

plywoodGreenpanel MR Grade Plywood (Moisture-Resistant)
Superior-quality plywood, Greenpanel MR Grade Plywood is ideal for usage in panel doors, partitions, panelling, cabins and false ceilings. Resistant to moisture, termites and borer, MR Grade Plywood is suitable for all interior applications where durability and economy are equally important.

plywood2Greenpanel Marine Grade Plywood (BWP)
A premium product, Greenpanel Marine Grade Plywood is ideal for offices, indoor furniture and panelling. Being Boiling Water Proof (BWP Grade), it can withstand variations in climate and humidity.


Greenpanel plywoodGreenpanel Club Plywood
The perfect plywood for premium applications including stretched skin panels and plywood web beams, Greenpanel Club Plywood is a high-density, premium-grade structural plywood that can handle heavier loads.

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