Hyderabad’s OxyLoans sees P2P Market as a USD multi-billion opportunity

Hyderabad, December 08, 2021 – SRS FinTech Labs Pvt. Ltd, a Hyderabad based FinTech Start-up, Peer 2 Peer Lending Platform – OxyLoans.com approved by RBI as NBFC P2P sees the market as USD multi-billion opportunity.

Addressing a press conference in the city on Wednesday Mr. Radhakrishna Thatavarti, Founder & CEO who has over 20+ years of experience in working for software companies and clients in the area of Banking and Financial Services said the landscape of this sunrise sector in the Indian financial industry is suddenly changed.  I have reasons and instances to believe that P2P Lending is taking lead in India’s FinTech space.

 A Mumbai based bank started promoting it in collaboration with a Noida based P2P lending platform — and started offering a novel investment opportunity of earning healthy returns from interest and principal payments.

Industry P2P Lending average returns is 17% with a range of 9-36% RoI with Monthly pay-out.

New Delhi headquartered fin tech company forayed into P2P lending with the launch of its own product and enabled individual investors to invest and borrow at 12% interest through an app.  It partnered with a Mumbai based P2P company and promoted a loan product and did a business of Rs 4000crore.

A well-known banker, who is a staunch supporter of P2P lending, gave a wakeup call to Indian bankers recently. He asked them to scale up technology, to focus on customer and not sales-centric approach to match competition from the ‘deep-pocketed tech firms’ such as global tech giants.

A Bangalore FinTech company entering into P2P lending sowed a seed for a dramatic shift in the industry. The Fintech platform launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending product for its members. They made an attempt to monetise through its 7.5 million users with a 9% RoI per year. And it was a huge hit, able to attract 200+ crores in very less time. This again is tied up with P2P platform.

Looking at these and many other developments which changed the P2P Landscape in India, Hyderabad based P2P Platform, a RBI registered NBFC has drawn up its aggressive growth plans. Which include INR 7000 crore Disbursement Festivals to be held during the years 2022 and 2023 and in the process enable one million Indians to launch Neo Bank in just three simple steps.

 Radhakrishna.Thatavarti explained his plan is launch 7000 crore disbursement festival campaigns

Our current products are Loans to Salaries, Overseas Educations Loans, Supply Chain Finance Loans to Automobile dealers, Food processing distributors and Builders. Which are 1:1 Nature.

Acquiring and retention cost is High.

Change in guard, Our new plan is onboard partners who is holding both investors and borrowers.

Our partners are classified into Demand Partners, Supply partners and Hybrid Partners with large user base. Call For Partners!

We are talking to Securities companies, Wealth management companies and Financial advisory firms who can onboard Investors or offer P2P Loans portfolio to Investors

Similarly we are talking to NBFCs, Payment companies who are holding merchants and aggregator companies who are serving borrowers.

Hybrid partners of social media networking, Ticketing Apps, Wallet Apps, eCommerce and other companies who are holding large user base who can offer both investment and loans services.

This way we are bringing both Investors base and borrowers base onto P2P License platform, using our RBI approved Escrow accounts – they can enable lending and borrowing seamless.

It is Hercules task for OxyLoans.com to move from 100 crores current disbursement to 7000 Crores campaign. We have opened APIs/ UTMs where every entrepreneur, sales professional and market facing people can use our RBI License, APIs & UTMs to get into P2P Lending business in the form of NeoBanks.

The game of 1:1 is transformed in B: B, We are positive of running 12-14 7000 CRORES P2P Loans campaigns in 2022 & 2023, we are also confident of achieving 7000 crore loans book by 8/9th campaign that is in 2023.

 Given the context! Any company/ individual who got user base can launch P2P lending services in the form of NeoBank. We have waited three years to get RBI license, our complete software and license are made available to any individual in 3 steps to launch NeoBank.

What is a NeoBank?

A NeoBank is a kind of digital bank without any branches. Rather than being physically present at a specific location, neobanking is entirely online.

It’s a wide umbrella of financial service with quick and faster response to today’s tech-savvy customers. NeoBanks can be called fintech firms that provide digital and mobile-first financial solutions payments and money transfers, money lending, and more.

NeoBanks don’t have a bank license of their own but count on licensed partners to provide lending and borrowing services.

In Our case we are integrated with OxyLoans P2P-NBFC License to Lend, Invest and Borrow.  Oxyloans launched a poster explaining how every apartment can launch a NeoBank.

Who Can Set-up NeoNank?

Who Can Set-up NeoBanks?

Individuals, Companies, Associations, Firms who holds min 1000 Userbase can establish Neobank.

For Example: Apartment association, Apartment members, Supermarkets, Payment Apps, ecommerce platforms, Retail shops, Restaurants, Aggregator Apps and Community, Membership companies are in best position to launch their own NeoBank

10 Crores Earning! For NeoBank Founder with Zero coding knowledge! & Zero Investment.

Start – Invite 1000 Members onto your NeoBank. If 100 joined and lent money – You get 100*1000 = INR 1,00,000! It is completely online.

In Next 3-years, Think of building 1,00,000 User base of your own on NeoBank and they lent 100 crores in cumulative, you get INR 100 for every 1-lakh lent i.e. 10 lakhs only.

Valuation Target – Can you guess! Value of each active user is INR 1000. With 1-lakh user base, valuation of your NeoBank using our License will be 1 lakh users * 1000 = 10 Crores.

Start today! NeoBanking is a way forward!

SRS FinTech owns a P2P lending Platform OxyLoans.com . In India, out of 100 loans, only 17 are disbursed by Banks and rest of the 83 are disbursed by friends, family, and private lenders. People to people financing and lending platforms have great future. Think of 83% participating in P2P by launching NeoBanks, it is a huge opportunity.

Peer-to-peer lending(P2P lending), is the process of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders with borrowers. P2P lending is a pretty old in India and RBI issued guidelines and granted licenses to 21 firms. P2P Lending is an established business model in the west.

The sector has the potential to “disrupt the financial sector”. I see that complete Chit Funds market moving to P2P lending which is more authentic and participation is high.

It has even more potential to throw many surprises. That is because this sector promotes alternative forms of finance where the traditional form of finance is unable to serve. And it is the people to people financing and lending platform opined Radhakrishna Thatavarthi.

RBI guidelines add a lot of good to the industry. Highlighting the potential of Peer 2 Peer lending platforms, Radhakrishna informed that Lending Club of USA disburses 1 billion US $ every month i.e Rs 7000crore through Peer 2 Peer lending platform. Nearly 2.5million US Dollars is disbursed every hour through P2P lending platform all over the world.

P2P lending is making it easier in many areas where banks or any other financial institutions fail to be of any service.

 P2P lending is attracting greater attention of borrowers and lenders among the millennials, shared Radhakrishna.

 World-wide Market size is USD 1 Trillion by 2023.

India Market Size will be USD 4-5 Billion by 2024.

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