residential kitchenLaunching the Vacuum Seal Drawer by Sub-Zero Wolf

Idea behind product
Maintaining food with its innate freshness, aids every home-chef to achieve greater culinary expertise and create numerous lip-smacking dishes! The recently launched Vacuum Seal Drawer, by Sub-Zero Wolf, comes handy in preserving proportioned raw ingredients of your palatable dishes.

More than just dry foods…
This latest product by the globally eminent, Sub-Zero Wolf, keeps frozen foods away from the burn of the freezer and seasoned meat flavourful on its own accord. Liquids like broths and soups can be easily compacted with minimal chances of spill and mess, like generic countertop edge sealer.

The technical sensibility
Vacuum sealing is a packaging technique aims to eliminate air from the sealed container, thus preventing any chance of oxidation, or contaminate intervention. Supplementary to this, proper encasing of food items, which significantly affects its shelf life, keeping it fresh and crisp in its original state.

Accountably Flexible
“In the era of being multi-functional, we aid users to utilise their cooking tactics with much more flexibility”, claims Niva Von Weisl – Managing Director of Top Products India. She articulates the varied usability levels of the product by stating, “The array of modes enables infusing dry fruits in savouring deserts and pickling vegetables for the zesty sides”. The vacuuming is segregated to into three easy levels to assist sealing of divergent items, alterable also according to the thickness of plastic being used. A constant control can be sustained in the manual mode, with the options of pre-mature termination made possible.

With a flawless sleek design, the vacuum sealed drawer serves as an asset to any homely kitchen by persevering the original flavours and aiding to cook appetizing platters.

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