RIVER WHITENew Delhi, 9th October, 2019: Orient Bell Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles in the country, has come up with a new range of Double Charge tiles. OBL has added a new size 600 x 1200mm to their Double Charge tiles category, making them one of the only few manufacturers to launch such a size in the country. With modern times coming quicker than ever and a need for high quality designed tiles increasing rapidly, OBL offers creative and consumer-centric innovation through this new tile series.They are exceptionally strong and more durable than most of its other competitors, making it a top choice. Its versatile look, high durability and long-lasting feature makes it stand out from the rest.

In today’s scenario, customers are gradually going for sizes bigger than 600 x 600mm for ease of application. This new shift leads to the launch of Double Charge 600 x 1200mm size category. The larger than average size and thickness is one the USPs of the range, giving it a competitive edge. This new and improved tile range offers 3 different kinds of tiles to their customers, namely Canto, Star and River. The tiles are categorised into 7 light and 3 dark colors, depending on the customer’s choice of ambience. Ignoring the conventional way of printing, this innovative range is curated by infusing two layers of tiles. Double Charge tiles have a specialised phase and body, where the top layer consists of raw material infused with colour pigment, pressed to the base layer under high pressure. The top layer body is 3 to 4mm thick, whereas total thickness of the tile is around 9mm.

These tiles are a premium choice for heavy traffic, commercial and residential areas. They remain stable and shiny for years with low maintenance. This makes them the perfect option to go for flooring at home, malls, cafeterias, hospitals, libraries, airports, villas and other interior as well as exterior areas. Double Charge tiles have a very long life and are scratch proof with more durability. Versatile in nature, the tiles are applicable for both, floors and walls. Furthermore, they also help in enhancing the space of the room. These tiles are also frost, chemical, colour and thermal-shock resistant due to which they last longer, making them perfect for a long-term investment.

Double Charge vitrified tiles are more expensive than ceramic and porcelain tiles but cheaper in price than marble and natural stone. They serve the purpose of being a versatile tile installation, making it worth its price. These tiles are stain-free with homogeneous surfaces, further preventing dirt and grime, while their unique texture gives out a look like natural marble. They create the value, style and durability that complement the look and design you desire, with a touch of luxury.

About Orient Bell Limited:
Orient Bell Limited (OBL) was established in 1977, with its base in New Delhi. The company is widely respected in the industry circles as a trusted & professional manufacturer of wall & floor tiles. It has a chain of signature showrooms to display its complete product range and is privileged to be associated with the premier architects and builders of the country. It has in the recent past seen an influx of new talent & leadership that’s bringing a breath of fresh air in the building & construction industry. It’s a player to watch out for.

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