wood design tilesNew Delhi, August 7th 2019: With modern times coming quicker than ever and a need for high quality designed tiles increasing rapidly, Orient Bell Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles in the country has come up with two new range of tiles- The Valencica range for floors and the Multiplica range for walls. OBL aims at providing the stylized designs in the two ranges exclusive for walls and floors, for the Indian market, bringing in value for money.

The Valencica tile is a range inspired by designs and architecture of the city of Valencia, Spain. This range is special not only because of its high quality finish and variety but also because the tiles of this range are printed using High Definition 400 dpi printers- which are the highest in the industry. This makes the designs sharper to the eye and stands out among all the regular tiles in the market. These tiles allow you to have multiple laying patterns and options, the most common being floor tiles wherein the design could cover the entire floor or it could be repeated in patterns and combination with marble designs. The color palette of the range also boosts the simple and premium idea behind it as it carries a variety of shades in white, grey and beige, depending on the customer’s choice. The range also has a variety of matte and wood finish as well as glossy finish.The range has a standard size of tiles at 60×60 cm.

ORIENTValencica tiles have more boon to give as they can bear with weather well. The properties of Low Moisture Expansion, Thermal Shock Resistance and Frost Resistance makes them a much better choice in tiles when it comes to outdoor application like balconies, rooftops, garden walkways and driveways. However, they can be used absolutely anywhere in all kinds of spaces- at homes, offices, restaurants and even commercial places with heavy foot traffic. Water Absorption is as low as a one third of a leading player and the range also embarks high breaking strength and high modulus of rupture. The range has also been launched with very superior specs as opposed to other competitors in the market.

The Multiplica tile launch is by far the best extension to the wall tiles range. The marble designs with an attractive gloss and a foreign charm are a perfect fit for people who want to give their space a premium look. These beautifully highlighted tiles series are developed to match the already popular base colors in the industry. This in turn gives the customers a wide range of tiles to choose from that go along with their color preferences. This time around, customers can find more shades in both pastel and multi color tiles. These Glossy ceramic tiles look best when applied to bathrooms and kitchen walls. Multiplica has been launched in 76 exquisite designs with high grade specs and is available in a total of three sizes: 25×37.5cm, 30x45cm and 30x60cm.

About Orient Bell Limited:

Orient Bell Limited (OBL) was established in 1977, with its base in New Delhi. The company is widely respected in the industry circles as a trusted & professional manufacturer of wall & floortiles. It has a chain of signature showrooms to display its complete product range and is privileged to be associated with the premier architects and builders of the country. It has in the recent past seen an influx of new talent & leadership that’s bringing a breath of fresh air in the building &construction industry. It’s a player to watch out for.

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