Impact of Budget: A Tile Manufacturer’s Perspective

Orientbell Tiles launches Inspire Art Collection - Glazed Vitrified Tiles Decor Collection!

Orient Bell Limited, hereby announces completion of expansion at its Hoskote plant (Bengaluru district, Karnataka) involving capex of ~Rs. 34 crores well ahead of schedule.

With this the total capacity of the Company has increased from 32 MSM p.a. to 33.8 MSM p.a. (includes 10 MSM p.a of the associated entities).

“Over the last 2 years we have made significant investments to ramp up and modernize our facilities. Apart from other investments made concurrently to strengthen marketing and distribution,                       ~Rs. 70 crores has been invested on 5 Growth Capex projects to add incremental volume potential of 5.5 MSM p.a.

The projects were incubated with clear focus on 2 fronts – one being flexibility to offer new or improved products to suit changing customer preferences and the other to strengthen our footprint in our existing markets.

Our team has made sure that all the announced projects have been completed well within the timelines and CAPEX budgets committed. What is also relevant is that bulk of these investments were financed out of our internal accruals.

The completion of the Hoskote project is special as this now enables us to participate more meaningfully in the Bigger and Higher Growth markets of South & West.” Aditya Gupta, CEO of the Company commented.

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