Orientbell Tiles launches Inspire Art Collection - Glazed Vitrified Tiles Decor Collection!
Orientbell Tiles as a brand is celebrating women with their #QueensofChoice campaign, who are not only decisive about their choices but are also pioneers in bringing about change in the most subtle of manners too.

Orient bell

New Delhi, June 2021: As a leading adopter of technology in the industry, Orientbell Tiles is set to launch their new self-learning digital portal – ilearn. This learning and development (L&D) programme ensures that an employee is always at the top of his/her game, and is yet another step by Orientbell Tiles to ensure that the entire organisation is prepared for the challenges of the online world.

The ilearn portal will help cater to the specific training needs of the employees while helping them build their knowledge on various OBL applications, company policies and the different product offerings. Its blended learning programs with videos and eLearning, as well as features like gamification, assessments and e-certifications, leaderboard, etc. makes it easy for employees to access various learning modules anytime and anywhere.

As a learning portal, it is designed to serve the needs of existing employees and acts as a repository for customised content created with the support of SMEs. The feedback received from the platform would also help in defining the utility of various OBL applications which in turn helps increase productivity and efficiency of employees, while building talent for the future and reducing the attrition rate.

“Our goal is to help our employees grow professionally and personally as well as equip them with the skills they require to manage themselves and their teams. With ilearn, we are confident of achieving superior performance, while also addressing and capitalising on the challenges of remote working and learning.” – Mr. Ajay Srivastava, Chief Human Resource Officer, Orientbell Tiles

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