Origami || Console

The hardest-working and utilitarian pieces in the furniture catalogue, console tables, also known as sofa tables, are capable of multiple functions throughout the space, depending on the area it has been used for. The variety of sizes and range of purposes covered by console tables lead to the furniture designers to infer high versatility.

Crafted with an elegant teak wood structure, the Origami Console by Maison Du Luxe is a brilliant exemplar of a marvellous console table. It is cladded with rich brown leather and finished with a veneer look in polyester coating. This marvellous console enriches the aesthetic of any space it is incorporated in. The louver type segmented design made of live edge wood gives a pristine and classy visual appeal to the area and provides it with a spotlight. This console has a self-sustained attraction and is totally capable of being used without any other additional sculptures or elements. This console table can also be used as staging areas for antiques, as buffet tables at brunches or family gatherings or even as bar carts. As the trend goes, this console table becomes totally indispensable for a gracious daily living and a prerequisite of entertainment.

Dimensions: 8 ft length x 2 ft 9 inch height x 3 ft width
Material: Teak Ply
Finish: Burl veneer with Polyster Finish, leather cladded.
Fittings:  Blum
Price: On Request

Teak Ply

Nurture || Armchair

An armchair is an investment piece for an ultra-luxurious feel and lounging comfort. With so many options available on the market, making a decision on the most optimum option can be painstaking.

The Nurture armchair by Maison Du Luxe is one of the best designs for armchairs available in the market. Made of rich teak wood, the basic structure is contemporary with hints of classic imperial chairs and lawn seatings. The curves coupled with Black Hammer pearl blue colour gives an extremely beautiful and royal appeal. The upholstery has been derived from the neo-classic theme of the design and thus carries a delightful and premium floral pattern in white which further increases the beauty of the piece. Some important factors like good back support and good durability of both the chair and in the contexts it can be used in have been carefully considered and incorporated.

Dimensions: 3 ft x 3ft
Material: Teak
Paint: Black Hammer pearl
Finish: Shiny Matt
Upholstery: Premium Floral velvet fabric
Price: On Request


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