• Depicts real life project challenges with a humorous twist
  • Highlights the importance of project management skills and techniques in day-to-day activities

Mumbai, 20 December 2019: Project Management Institute (PMI) India, the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession, launched PM FUNDAS, an animated cartoon series today. As part of its brand refresh, PM FUN-DAS animated series is bringing its comic strip to in-motion format. The purpose of the series is to explain complex project management fundamentals and knowledge in the most simplified way to the young project management professionals.

The series aims to demystify project management concepts and techniques through a visual medium. The animated series conveys the message far more quickly without the need for a lengthy explanation than the usual medium of blogs and newsletters. Moreover, it is done in a humorous style which appeals to most.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Srini Srinivasan, MD, PMI India said, “In order to appeal to the Indian audience, PM FUN-DAS comic strips were created to mirror experiences, we think, almost every project manager or project practitioner can relate to. Our objective behind the weekly PM FUN-DAS comic strips is to communicate, educate, and to share lessons in project management in a less formal way.

We are taking PM FUN-DAS even further and are now launching the animated cartoon series. We hope the series will have a far-reaching impact on our next-gen audience through its bite sized content.”

The animated cartoon series is a reflection of real-life work scenarios revolving around topics like work-life balance, time management, communication management, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, scope management, stakeholder management, etc. It is conceptualized with a humorous tone to make it more relatable and learnable at the same time.

Animated cartoon series links: YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5WBz9ttBjE

Below are the credits for PM FUNDAS – An animated cartoon series:

Content Copyrights: ©Project Management Institute

PMFun-das Content and Design: Estridez Consulting Services

Animated series: Adfactors PR (Production team)

About Project Management Institute (PMI):
Project Management Institute (PM) is world’s leading association for project, program or portfolio management professionals. Through their certifications, professional development, communities and membership, PMI helps nearly three million practitioners stay ahead in an ever-changing world. PMI has around 300 chapters across the globe. In India, 8 cities have PMI chapters – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Chennai and Kolkata.

For more information log on to www.pmi.org.in

PM FUN-DAS short for Project Management Fundamentals an initiative by PMI. A weekly comic strip highlighting challenging situations in a project manager’s daily grind. It demystifies and disseminates concepts around project management in a humorous way.

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