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March 18th 2020, Pune: Gera Developments Private Limited, pioneers of real estate and the award-winning creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa and Bengaluru, launched the newest version of the ‘GeraWorld® App’ – a mobile application designed to connect the developer and the customer. The technology solution created by Gera Developments Private Limited is aligned with its objective of offering convenience, hassle-free interaction, transparency and enhanced experience to its customers.

GeraWorld® App is a technology solution built on the idea of strengthening the service delivery process after duly considering the ease that enables customers to access the desired information at just a tap. Through this, property owners would be able to seek, access, and record details pertaining to their purchase be it payments, documents, and even project progress, on the go. The platform will also enable resolving queries, raising requests or posting feedback based on individual experiences. GeraWorld® is feature packed with a range of key functionalities that the property owners would need after making a purchase up-to the 5-year warranty period.

Not only this, the app will also facilitate greater transparency along with the option of tracking issues, thereby enhancing customer experience and convenience at one go. Through the means of its thoughtful features and easy-to-use interface, browsing has been made simpler, faster, and enjoyable. The integration with the company’s ERP system will provide customers real-time information at a simple touch of a button, making it one-of-its-kind in the segment of real estate. GeraWorld® App for this, has for two years in a row, won the Innovation of the Year Award at the Proptech Summit & Awards.

Gera Developments has a notable reputation in regard to bringing the highest level of customer-oriented services. The features of the app in the pre-possession phase involve providing updates and information, access to documents like agreements, project approval, financial data, and allotments, and payment-related transparency in terms of outstanding balances, receipts, purchases made and invoices. One of the app’s unique features is Instant payment notifications and receipts – customers can access receipts and download them instantly on making a payment. To add to this, the app will also allow customers to check project progress, track requests, refer a friend, initiate virtual chats, escalate concerns, or make exclusive requests.

Speaking about the GeraWorld® App, Mr. Rohit Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments, said, “A mobile application or unified technology platform that connects the developer and customers is relatively rare to find in the real estate sector. We uphold the value of customer first, hence understand that the sensitivity of time for most, has led to the expectation of attaining every service at a tap. The GeraWorld® App is designed to do just that.

With the app our endeavour was to reimagine the service delivery process and convert a paper-pen process to one where updates are available instantly via a technology platform. While the features of the app have been conceptualized with the customer journey and the unique stage-related needs in view, the app as a whole delivers not just unmatched speed but also transparency that the real estate buyer seeks. We are confident that a platform like the GeraWorld® App will go a long way in making the customer journey with the brand a delightful one.”

The post-possession features that are currently being updated will further ease out the process of enabling users to raise and manage warranty as well as place common area maintenance related requests to the concerned teams at Gera Developments. The app will also help customers manage ChildCentric® Homes academy batch bookings, which, without a technology intervention, would be cumbersome.

The GeraWorld® App is available on Android and Apple iOS platforms and registered customers can use the app on downloading it by requesting a search for Gera’s World of Joy.

About Gera Developments

Gera Developments, one of the pioneers of the real estate business in Pune are recognized as the creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa & Bengaluru. Gera Developments’ pride themselves for providing long term enjoyment to their customers. Innovation has been a hallmark of the company and there are many ‘firsts’ that stand to Gera Developments’ credit. India’s first ChildCentric® Homes, 5-Year Warranty on Real Estate consisting of Preventive Maintenance & Repairs and providing Insurance of buildings was introduced by the company over 16 years ago for the first time in India and the same is now mandated by RERA. The company has now introduced the first 7-year warranty in Real Estate. The company is driven by quality, transparency and excellence. The projects are designed around the evolving needs of their customers. Some of the revolutionary and highly successful product lines have been ChildCentric® Homes, Intelliplexes™, SkyVillas™, The Imperium series amongst others.

The company’s philosophy is Let’s Outdo and yet again, they have created a breakthrough in innovation with the launch of ChildCentric® Homes thereby creating a paradigm shift in real estate for both, the developer as well as the homebuyer. The company has established a new category of living spaces designed keeping the child as well as the parent’s lifestyles and aspirations in mind. Gera Developments has set a new benchmark not only in real estate marketing and brand building but also setting new standards of service orientation in the realty sector.

The company has won several national and international awards for their concept-based landmark project ChildCentric® Homes recognizing it as a benchmark and a new category in the residential real estate industry. The company was felicitated as “Real Estate Developer of the Year” by one of the most prominent media houses in the country as well. With its strong belief and brand promise of GROW WITH GERA, Gera Developments ensures that there is a value add for all their key stakeholders.

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