Rhinox introduces World Patent Technology VV Press Fittings for providing safe and secure plumbing solutions

Rhinox has come up with an outstanding technology namely World Patent Technology VV Press Fittings that is known for offering plumbing solutions that are 100% safe as well as secure.

Rhinox is referred to as a manufacturer of stainless-steel pipes and press fittings which has stepped in the market with its newly launched special profile that offers exceptional safety function with security that is double-edged.

18th Aug,2021 India: People nowadays are extremely knowledgeable and are aware of the drawbacks and shortcomings of plastic and PVC plumbing. Hence people are switching to stainless steel plumbing. In the process of plumbing the primary and the foremost factor that is to be considered is to have strong connections between the pipes. The present day needs of plumbers, architects and consumers is to complete the process of plumbing in a time-effective and inexpensive manner.

If we talk about earlier days, people use to utilize the process of brazing, soldering and welding to connect the pipes which costs them extra time, money and training of workers as well.

Keeping in mind the entire situation, Rhinox ended up with revolutionizing a solution named stainless steel press fittings. With the help of press fittings, connections can be made within fraction of seconds and plumbing became a hassle- free process. Press fittings are known for improving the safety and accuracy of job. The triple press fittings comprise of double O- ring with VV shaped grooves and 5 stage pressing. This special profile manufactured by Rhinox has one ultimate benefit that even if by chance the fitting remains un-pressed, the sealing ring with a lump allows the water outflow and indicates the unpressed location as well.

Durability, hygiene, cost savings, less need of repair and maintenance are some of the benefits of press fittings.

For plumbers, architects and consumers press fittings are an ultimate choice due to some factors like double sealing insurance, anti-pulling force tensile strength, no damage from water hammering, strong shock resistance, long insertion depth and higher weight.

The excellent part is that the press fittings are manufactured with the help of finest grade 316 L surgical stainless steel. The pipes are press fittings are tested in America and Europe and are known for high- pressure testing, NSF drinking water testing and lead- free testing.

Mr. Howard L, Asia Business Head at the announcement of the special profile namely New World Patent Technology Triple (VV) Press Fittings said, “We as a company and a prestigious brand makes sure that we offer quality as well as transparency to our clients. Our entire vision and mission are to offer reliability, competence and personalized solutions.

We focus on offering and delivering high quality pipes and press fittings. We feel obliged that we are working in this industry and are able to provide pure, clean and hygienic water across various sectors.

Our primary and imperative motto is to offer innovative solutions. Our new range of Triple (VV) Press Fittings is available at: https://rhinoxusa.com/Products

About Rhinox

Rhinox is a prestigious brand that is known for manufacturing stainless steel pipes and press fittings. The company possesses a highly equipped and innovative production base as well research center. The company has been able to earn a worldwide reputation for manufacturing high quality pipes and press fittings. American innovation and extensive research and development has helped the company to enhance the products and develop new ones to meet the needs of the market.

The stainless-steel pipes manufactured by Rhinox possesses many benefits like corrosion resistance, high heat tolerance, capacity to withstand UV rays and other harsh weather conditions. Our entire range of patented installation system is considered ideal for various applications like solar water heating installations, compressed airlines, hot and cold water pioes, OEM applications and a lot more. Our new range of Triple (VV) Press fittings is available at https://rhinoxusa.com/Products


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