Envisioning the second homes market in the new normal By Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

In contemporary times, it turns out that your closet is not the only space in your abodes that could make use of a little bit of refurbishing taking into consideration the ecological concerns. Taking into consideration the need for bringing about a conscious change it is becoming easier and accessible to design your spaces in more sustainable ways. Incorporating eco-friendly décor is about opting for products that use minimal resources, materials that last, or can be recycled to ensure you leave the world in a healthy state by creating less waste. Leaf through the below mentioned broad thumb rules to lend your home a green makeover:

Pick natural materials: Being mindful of what the home décor products are composed of, the impact they will have on the ecology and how they will impact your immediate home environment is of prime significance. You can opt for sustainable materials like bamboo, cane, wicker, clay and cotton. These naturally made materials to breathe and allow the people around them to breathe too. You can also opt for natural fibers and dyes like jute, hemp, organic cotton and linen and look for recycled materials as well. You can also consider transforming your paint into a more sustainable option by making use of non-toxic paint which benefits both the environment and its inhabitants.

Recycle and upcycle: To lend your homes a sustainable touch, you can always consider taking an item that is no longer required and must give it a new life. These can particularly be things in your home like old doors, windows and pallets.

Grow indoor plants: Growing indoor green foliage has become a design marvel over the last decade. You can get in nature into your spaces by growing lush ferns and succulents within your spaces. Also, consider growing air-purifying plants thriving with a bit of sunshine from your windows. These usually demand very little care and will cleanse the air around them, allowing them to vanish airborne pollutants while refining the look of your home.

You must value vintage: Always appreciate the traditional handmade fixtures that are made by using local green resources to reduce the impact on the environment. Moreover, investing in products that are sourced locally will help you in controlling your carbon footprint.

Opt for sustainable rugs: You must look out for sustainable rugs composed of eco-friendly materials like jute, seagrass or recycled plastics. These will help you to cover your surfaces with soft carpeting without the use of microplastics to lessen the echoing in your spaces.

Opt for energy-efficient lighting: You can also amalgamate elegance and sustainability by changing your light switches. Energy-efficient dimmers are a perfect option for areas like dining and living rooms. Make a sustainable switch by using these lighting options that will condense power usage.

Choose reclaimed wood for your décor: Whether you wish to alter your flooring, renovate cabinets or find engraved decor elements, you must opt for reclaimed wood to lend an ecological touch to your spaces. It’s reprocessed and does no harm to the environment and hence is best suited to use in your homes, unlike opting for something new composed of destroyed, oxygen-supplying trees. Moreover, reclaimed wood works flawlessly for interior design choices like barn-styled bedroom doors or floating shelves in an office or living room. 

Invest in hand-made items: Buying handmade home decor items made from locally sourced materials are an exceptional way to accentuate your spaces. Although it may burn a hole in your pockets primarily, you will end up saving money in the long run since hand-made things tend to last longer than factory-made products.

Soy Candles: Always opt for soy candles since these are non-toxic and eco-friendly. While lending a great ambience these candles will not emit harmful toxins, and they will also last for longer duration as compared to conventional candles.

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