Plug2Mumbai, 21st January, 2020 – Syska Group, a leading FMEG brand with the best innovations in technology has announced the launch of its Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A under its smart home segment for large and small to mid-range home appliances respectively. After entering the smart home segment in October 2018, Syska has been instrumental in launching ground-breaking but affordable smart home products to meet the needs of its ever evolving customers.

Both the newly launched plugs are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant and can be controlled remotely with the Syska Smart Home App. These are attractively priced at INR. 4,190/- and INR 2,599/- respectively. Both the smart plugs are available for purchase across leading online and retail stores.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group said, “As smart home technology is becoming increasingly easy to use and affordable, we have witnessed an increased adoption of smart home products & solutions among Indian consumers. Syska aims to bring in technology-led, innovative and first-of-its-kind smart home products in the market that are light years ahead. With the launch of Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plugs, we have added newer products to our smart home portfolio. We are confident that these products will definitely bring more value and comfort to millions of customers across the country.”

Smart home devices are replacing our speakers, refrigerators, old light bulbs, and much more. But what about the stuff in our homes that aren’t smart yet? With Syska Smart Plugs, make your appliances at home smarter. The smart home segment is expected to grow at a fast pace till 2020, and is expected to reach 7.2 percent by 2022, which means a lot of new buyers will be entering the segment. There is a rise in demand for smart home products in the country owing to factors such as enhanced lifestyle and an increase in disposable income.

Key features of the Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plugs –

Voice Control– Syska Smart Plug and Smart Mini Plug lets you control your home & office appliances through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant from any corner of your home. You can turn ON/OFF, set schedules and timers for the devices connected through this plug.

Scheduling, Timers and Room Allocation – Syska Smart Plug and Smart Mini Plug helps you use your appliances by setting up schedules to turn them ON/OFF, with time schedules. You can allocate rooms to be operated through this plug like kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Universal Plug Pin Type – Syska smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter and Smart Mini Plug comes with a universal plug-in type. So now you can carry your plug everywhere without being stressed about finding the right plug. Connect directly through your existing Wi Fi without having any need of a hub.

Prevents Overheating – The most likely common problem is overheating of plugs when used over a period of time. But the Syska Smart Plugs are made with advanced technology which prevents overheating of your device.

Monitor your energy usage – Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plug and Smart Mini Plug helps you to detect every appliance’s energy consumption by sending it to the Syska Smart Home App and control & monitor your energy usage.

Scenes & Automation- Set up connected devices through Syska Smart Plug and Smart Mini Plug to trigger your schedules and routines with Siri. You can also set automation to trigger ON/OFF scheduling with specific scenarios like rain, sunrise and sunset.

Child Safety Shutter – Syska Smart Plugs have an efficient child safety shutter that prevents your child from coming into contact with the electric outlet.

Compatibility with appliances – The Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A works best with large appliances such as microwave ovens, air conditioners etc. and makes these appliances smarter. While the Syska Smart Mini Plug 10A works best with small and mid-appliances such as televisions, mobiles, lamps, etc.

About Syska – Starting with Guru Nanak Marketing, a company that was involved in the distribution of T-series Audio cassettes, CDs and audio video systems for Maharashtra, the SYSKA Group had only one thing to do: grow. As the SYSKA Group continues to grow and become a domestic leader, their eyes are set to the world as their presence grows in countries across the globe. Empowered by a strong vision and drive, the SYSKA Group grew and diversified into more segments such as LED, Personal Care Appliances, Mobile accessories, Home Appliances and only continues to grow and dominate these markets.

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