• The huge success can be attributed to the brand’s formidable distribution network and direct outreach capability via digital marketing; proving that unique assets sell anytime, with or without lockdown
  • Since the launch in 2016, Xanadu Realty has delivered 4100+ Cr revenue for its clients with impactful opportunities across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Mumbai, 16th July 2020, In another major achievement, Xanadu Realty has created a new milestone by selling ‘The Selten Isle’, a unique luxury property worth INR 8 Crore in the MMR region. Launched in May’2020 in Thane (Mumbai), the flagship property was created by Raunak Group and purely resonates with a high society living.

The real estate industry in the last 90 days has faced significant challenges in the wake of subsequent lockdowns. Even more so in the established luxury markets of Mumbai. Further, real estate is the very definition of brick and mortar industry and has been challenged to go online. To bank on this hidden opportunity, Raunak Group and Xanadu Realty successfully created a virtual sales gallery that enabled this luxury product to be sold online via curated experience by the trained luxury sales consultants.

The key success factor has been the affirmative interest from 300+ customers vying to buy a unique piece of real estate which could serve as their legacy for generations. Two large transactions of 8 crores+ have already been concluded in this soft opening of this project and a few more transactions are lined up for the coming weeks. These two deals are the largest value transactions in real estate for a single unit in the MMR region. Every city has its apex address, the No.1 address where the city’s creme-de-la-creme reside. That was the brand vision which Xanadu Realty had envisaged for this development. Xanadu’s experience in building luxury brands with the consumer insight and market conditions led to the transformation of this project into the flagship brand of Raunak group.

Mr Samujjwal Ghosh, Director at Xanadu Realty said “In the current situation also, we were confident of customer demand, as unique real estate means limited supply. Millionaire families are always on the look-out for the prized possession and ‘The Selten Isle’ delivers on all those accounts. A key strategy for sales has been to establish the value of pricing. ‘The Selten Isle’ is one of 10 addresses in the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region to offer such large spaces with the excellent value of the price compared to the ones in South Mumbai or Bandra. It is important to communicate the value of such a large offering available at a fraction of the price – a steal for the luxury buyers of Mumbai. Another key element has been our formidable distribution network and our direct outreach capability via digital marketing.”

‘The Selten Isle’ was launched with the thought of bringing alive the concept of ‘Private Family Estates’. The key consumer insight here was that the dynast families of the city wanted to leave their mark on the real estate landscape by making their own private estate – the same thought that has captured the imagination of noble families since generations.

To make this a reality in the modern world, there was a need to create a unique selling proposition for this luxury development, which would make it incomparable not just in Thane, but across India. Hence, the development was elevated to offer designer spaces by India’s most sought-after celebrity designer, who has been featured on the cover of Vogue multiple times and her designs are a symbol of high society living that even all of Bollywood resonates with. This alliance has been kept under the wraps for a mega-unveil in the latter half of the year 2020.

Luxury real estate has always been about large spaces and The Selten Isle delivers the largest homes of the city, which are branded as Bespoke Sky-Estates, fully customisable voluminous spaces. Furthermore, Xanadu has also brought in the much-needed element of hospitality with the property being managed by Cushman & Wakefield, a renowned international real estate services brand. To round it all up, a fleet of luxury cars befitting The Selten Isle was added for the residents to use as they please. Together, the concept of Private Family Estates and the thought of The Selten Isle (meaning a rare island) has come alive.

Xanadu Realty is a business accelerator in the real estate category and a strategic partner to developers across Mumbai. Founded in 2016, it has already delivered 4100+ Cr revenue for its clients with impactful opportunities across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

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