Arun Maira
Mentor, India Backbone Implementation Network

Public-Private Partnership model should have a fourth P — People,” said Arun Maira, Mentor, India Backbone Implementation Network, and Former Member, Planning Commission, at the 5th Regional Conference on Infrastructure Project Management organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry in New Delhi recently. CBRE South Asia P Ltd was the Knowledge Partner for the conference.

Maira further said that for manufacturing to excel in a country like India, infrastructure development was the biggest hurdle which was, in turn, related to effective project management. He called out to all project managers to ensure that all physical attributes must be well thought of and carefully put together across all levels of operations.

“Project managers must be evangelists of the idea of holistic project management with a focus on quality and minimum wastage of resources and best practices of project management must be gathered and shared across the globe,” Maira said.

Anshuman Magazine, Conference Chair and Chairman and Managing Director, CBRE South Asia P Ltd, while delivering his remarks, said that it would not be possible to enhance India’s infrastructure without improving our project management capacity.
Magazine also said that CBRE recently conducted a survey on the industry perception towards project management and over a 100 companies participated in the survey. The survey highlighted some interesting facts like apart from time and cost lack of quality and safety management had an adverse impact on the delivery of a project. It showed that over 50 per cent of projects were affected in some way or the other due to health and safety issues. Another aspect highlighted was cost overrun which was the primary reason for delay in projects, and organisations needed to look at effective methods of combating this.

According to the survey results, 85 per cent of the respondents employed professional project managers in their organisations while 90 per cent of the respondents felt that there was a shortage of trained professionals in the industry.

Source: Confederation of Indian Industry

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