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With only about 16% of the work completed after an elapse of 32 months since the commencement of the 4×250 MW Tehri Pumped Storage Plant (PSP) project in Uttarakhand alarm bells are ringing loud at THDC. THDC has reportedly written a strong letter to the Alstom-HCC Consortium, the turnkey EPC contractor of the project, to speed up the work and meet May 2017 deadline of the project. THDC’s anxiety is understandable with 84% of the work still remain to be done in just remaining 36 months.

Alstom-HCC Consortium had reportedly come up with a plan to make up for the lost time, but the consortium failed to adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the “catch up” plan. With time running out fast, THDC has started doubting the capability of the consortium to take remedial measures.

According to THDC, the Alstom-HCC Consortium has failed to mobilise the required resources at the site and hence the delay in execution. For example, the consortium has deployed only five excavators instead of six, 24 dumpers against required 33, and only 4 Jack Hammers against required 20. Even in case of deployment of manpower, the consortium has failed to meet the required numbers. While it is required to deploy 260 skilled employees, the consortium has deployed only 230. Further, the consortium has deployed only 56 equipment operators while the requirement was 72. According to THDC even materials deployed at the site is inadequate. For example, only 425 MT of cement is available at the site while the requirement is 700 MT.

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