Dikchu HEP_ProjectsMonitor

Sneha Kinetic Power Projects Pvt. Ltd, a special purpose vehicle formed by Sikkim Power Development Corporation and Greenko Energies Pvt. Ltd for implementation of the 96MW-Dikchu hydroelectric power project in Sikkim, has invited international competitive bids for execution of additional switchyard station.

Dikchu HEP_ProjectsMonitor
Main access tunnel excavation

The (3x32MW) run-of-river project is located across Dikchu river, a tributary of Teesta river at Dikchu village about 3 km upstream of the proposed dam of the on-going Teesta Stage-V hydroelectric project, at Lingdok and Rokdong blocks in East Sikkim

The scope of the EPC bids under two packages involves design and detailed engineering including site testing of 400kV switching station package with GIS including transmission line and PLCC system and single phase 400kV /132kV /11kV, 105MVA ICT.

The project components are located in the East and North Sikkim district of the state with Dam at Lingdoc village and the power house site at Dikchu. The main components of the project are 35m high concrete dam, 4.6km long and 4m diameter head race tunnel terminating in a surge shaft, an underground power house having an installation of 3 Francis turbine generating units of 32 MW each operating under a net head of 350m and 1000m long tunnel and 100m open channel and 4m diameter tail race tunnel.

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