CEPI, THSTI and Panacea Biotec to develop Beta-coronavirus vaccinesCEPI will partner with a consortium comprised of the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) and Panacea Biotec to develop vaccine candidates that could provide broad protection against SARS-COV-2variants and other Beta-Coronaviruses.

CEPI will invest up to USD 12.5 million to support the development of multi-epitope, nanoparticle-based vaccine candidates and advance the manufacturing process.

As per the understanding, THST1 and Panacea Biotec will design and select the lead antigen through proof-of-concept preclinical studies, and undertake initial clinical development through Phase 1/II studies as they seek to establish clinical proof of concept for novel vaccine candidates to provide broad protection against MERS, SARS- CoV, SARS-COV-2 and its variants.

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