Coal India misses production target

Coal India misses production targetIf the actual production during the first four months of the current year is any indication, this year too Coal India may miss its coal production target. Annual production target for Coal India is finalized by Planning Commission in consultation with the Ministry of Coal. During the first four months of the current year Coal India could achieve only 98% of its target. Last year the company was able to achieve 99% of its target.

Supply Vs target (in million tones)

Year Supply target Actual supply Supply as a % of target
2010-11 460.50 424.50 92.00
2011-12 452.00 433.08 96.00
2012-13 470.00 465.19 99.00
2013-14* 156.86 153.47 98.00
* Up to July 2013

According to the draft Annual Plan for 2013-14, Ministry of Coal/Planning Commission had estimated the demand of coal in the country as 769.69 Million Tonnes. Against this demand, supply plan from indigenous sources has been estimated to be 614.55 Million Tonnes with a demand-supply gap of 155.04 Million Tonnes which is envisaged to be met through imports by consuming sectors.

The gap between demand and supply will only go up in the coming years which in turn mean that more import of coal. The target of all India coal production in the terminal year of 12th Plan (2016-17) has been projected at 795 MT and demand in the same period will be around 980.50 MT to meet the growing needs of the economy. The balance 185.50 MT of coal will have to be met through imports.

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