The government may reconsider coal linkages granted to various 11th Plan power projects that have been delayed beyond March 2015 and give them to those 12th plan projects that are expected to be commissioned within their original schedule. Coal linkages were granted to power projects aggregating 1,08,878 MW capacity for the 11th Plan. Of this, projects aggregating 32,377 MW projects have been stalled, abandoned or delayed much beyond 2015. Of the remaining 76,501 MW, only 65,116 MW are now expected to commission by March, 2015. Accordingly, linkages of the balance 11,385 MW are likely to be cancelled and transferred to 12th Plan projects. 9,415 MW of 12th plan capacity is likely to come up by March, 2015.

While two units of the Amarkantak power plant have been stalled due to lack of funds, forest clearance issues have held up two units of the Matrishi project. Similarly, the second unit of the Annuppur project and of the Binjkote project are unlikely to complete before July 2015. Further, the unit 1 of the Barh plant and the unit 2 of the Nabinagar plant are scheduled for November 2015 and December 2015, respectively.

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