DMRC is planning to construct an underground subway near Moti Bagh metro station on the ring road, which is under construction. As Moti Bagh station is being constructed parallel to the Moti Bagh flyover, no entry /exit point could be provided for commuters on the New Moti Bagh side and therefore this subway has to be planned.

The proposed subway would lead the passengers coming from places like New Moti Bagh, Shanti Path etc. to enter the station from the other side of the ring road.

The Moti Bagh Metro station on Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar corridor of phase-III would intersect on ring road and Rao Tularam Marg. The subway would be integrated with Moti Bagh metro station through lifts and staircases.

The subway, once complete, could also be availed for general pedestrians who wish to cross the ring road from Rao Tularam Marg-Ring Road intersection to the opposite side of ring road.

This 70m long subway would be constructed using ‘Box Pushing’ technology. Work is expected to begin from May 2014 and would be completed in nine months.

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